Model United Nation JMUN’ 16

From the excerpts of our successful attempt to model the United Nation and discussing various social and political issues, we, after receiving overwhelming response and participation in JMUN ’15, are again ready to break all the records, and to deliver an experience that not only creates that required potential but motivation to raise people for alarming and frequently discussed causes.


Being far ahead of those orthodox philosophies of show-off and time wasting assemblies, we believe in result oriented paradigms. As we always say, JMUN is not an event, but it’s a reality that one deserves to experience.


Debates are what drives this intellectual event, minds engage, minds discuss, and minds conclude,

5 is the number that we decided to sort our agendas.

These are :

1. Constituent Assembly of India.

    In this there would be overwhelming discussion on federal structure of the Nation and possibility of introduction of special status in states.

2. 1953 Presidium of the communist party of USSR

    In this, a crisis committee would be established that would fire their opinions and thoughts and a healthy yet rigorous discussion would be made.

3. United Nations general Assembly – Plenary Session

Discussion on UN reforms would be made.

4. United Nations – Human Rights Council

Right to Food as a fundamental human right, lets discuss in this very agenda this “need-of-the-hour”.

5. Council of Europe

The proposed agenda would be, Dealing with the refugee crisis at a european level.

What is JMUN ’16??

People may seem a bit confused and excited what this newbee in market right?? FYI, lets cut the chase and introduce you to our 6th annual session that would be held in Jaypee Institute of Information and technology JMUN’16.

What’s the Date??

Although all good works should be done asap, but hey, to cover the session peacefully and amazingly, the committee decides the dates as 23rd and 24th of Jan 2016.

Why you should attend it??

Social causes, and other diplomatic agendas need time and energy of people. You can check the committee matrix at and can see how much manpower is working super hard to make this event happen. Thoughts and opinions of more than 200 people constitute the driving force behind JMUN’16.  We think this is enough to convince you to come and attend this one in a million opportunity.

Who are coming??

This event is for you guys, you would be our first guest and we welcome you with warmest of our hearts :).

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