The most trusted socio-cultural form for the streamlining of the inherent crookedness in our trivial pursuits, into public contribution through various decrees for moral upholding – or the Democracy, has changed a lot over the years, especially when we talk about the recent years that have thrown into the face of the humankind a new tool (some still say so), the Social Media.

Historically the idea of democracy has been almost synonymous with the idea of a people-facing institution. The voice of the people were represented through elected personalities, who then worked to bring social ambitions into realities, and consequently work for the good of the entire country. Various other bodies – i.e. the media – worked both as a voice and reaction to those actions within an ideal and non-unilateral democratic understanding, rarely caring to be a voice of the specific. However, come the dawn of this century, the role that ‘market’ has played in changing the inherent role of these bodies is what that has made the democracy so tantalizingly ready  to be exploited by the Joker.

What we see today is a ‘feverish’ democracy, one that responds to minuscule of swings in mood; surviving for centuries only to end up being a ‘teenager’ again: volatile, gullible and vulnerable. Impatience comes inherited and passion is the sole driving force. Desires demand immediate attention for satisfaction, a failure in its procurement thus flashes anger. The social media has however successfully disguises these reactions into frank opinions in the name of freedom of speech. In return the media extrapolates their duties into being a concerned voice for such reactions, however personal they may be, thus blurring the lines between democratic consensus and the opinions of hordes of individuals.

The Joker that Gotham faced was quite a conscious reaction to the subconscious change in our perception. The Joker seeks to show the duality of order and chaos in the society, that the orderly society is just a smokescreen which blinds us from seeing the existential anarchy within. The moment you devoid the people of their comforts, they will turn into wild animals. The Joker shows Batman how his “code”, which he believes what made him Batman, will itself easily allow him to exploit the inborn lawlessness of the humanity. He even infects the ‘white knight’ Harvey Dent with his vision.

Thus what Batman did in the end was not ideal, but what needs to be done in this hour ruled by cosmic anarchy bred from dissociative human nature. The boat scene towards the end proves that a democratic method is sometimes not enough. A simple vote is too trivial to represent an idea, something which would have resulted in loss of lives of the people on the other boat. They were saved by a tyrannical power which understood this flaw in the credulous human nature. The tyranny here was not in what was expressed to the public, but what the ideal decided to become so the public belief to remains intact in the moral.

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