The constant  number is the total of all the constants in your name. This number is also known as personality number, the inner self number, the impression number, the latent or quiescent number, the childhood number, and the like.

The Alphabet Chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

How to find out:

1. ) Write down your complete name.

2. ) Find out the corresponding numbers for all the constant in your complete name from the alphabet chart and write down, as shown in the example below:

2     3  3         7       2        1      =18(1+8)   =9

B  I  L  L         G   A  T   E   S

3. ) Now, total the numbers and apply fadic addition to derive a single number.

4. ) The constant number in the above example is 9.


What does your constant number signify?

A constant number represents your public and private image. One the other hand it signifies your first impression on others or your public appearance, and the other it influences how you view yourself without being aware of it.

The influence of Constant Number

Constant Number 1

You are born leader with initiative, determination and originality you are self-confident and self reliant and capable of looking of looking after yourself you become instantly popular, but are not a team player. You single mindedness in following yours plans through generally gets you on the wrong side of people, who may sometimes turn enemies.

Constant Number 2

You are cooperative and a diplomat. Being kind hearted you provide advice and help you tact and inspire in a subtle way, as you are shy initially although you don’t usually take the initiative. Your sensitive nature makes you cautions of situations. You share things easily and win lifelong friends. At times, you can sly and moody.

Constant Number 3

You are bright, witty and creative being a live wire, you bring laughter and joy at social events. You are active, mischievous and naughty, but generally like to help people. you also enjoy quiet moments in reading and studying. You love life and generally possess abundant good luck. However, you can get restless and easily bored.

Constant Number 4

You are practical, organized and a hard worker, who is both emotionally stable and self-contained. You apply yourself thoroughly to the task at hand and display strong self discipline and aptitude for detailed hard work. You handle boring everyday chores with ease too. However you may feel insecure and direction less at times. Art and music attracts you.

Constant Number 5

You are independent, versatile and posses an animal magnetism. You require plenty of mental stimulation and would try your hand at anything new. However you can be changeable at times, leaving projects incomplete, you remain popular and make many friends. You appear promiscuous of your sexual attractiveness, though you are not.

Constant Number 6

You are creative, responsible and well balanced. You are team player and a teacher. You are also a lover of beauty and enjoy physical affection. Domestic happiness is important to you and love having lots of children and people around you. At times you can e too emotionally and physically demanding you can become overanxious too.

Constant Number 7

You are cool, independent and a thinker you appear aloof as you prefer solitude end, at times, drift off into world of your own imagination you are secretive and give nothing away. You dislike and usually chart your own course through life. You are spiritual and intuitive and capable of expressing things with great clarity you generally don’t make the first move you can appear arrogant at times, but generally are not.

Constant Number 8

You are capable, tenacious, self assured and goal oriented. There is a feeling of power behind what you do. You posses various skills and enjoy showing them off. Although your ambition and determination help you succeed, your life is not easy being dogged by ill luck and failures. When you do succeed you touch the sky.  Although kind to others, you can sometimes be greedy and materialistic. you need to be in control.

Constant number 9

You are charismatic, romantic, and an idealist. You love for others and a broad minded approach to life makes you a compassionate humanitarian. Independent and creative with an unconventional approach your life is far from dull. Your dynamic presence attracts others you have to learn about life. However, you energy can sometimes fuel a quick and exploding temper. At times, you can also be over critical or judgemental about yourself.