The sound of your name creates vibration part of the energy filed around you and affects your being. Your name is the total of all the letters in your complete name-the first name, the last name and the middle name, if any. It is the most important number found


The alphabet chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

How to find out

To find out the name number, take the following steps

1. ) Write down your complete name

2. ) Find out the corresponding numbers of both the vowels and constants  for the alphabet chart and write them down, as shown in the given example below.

9                           1    5       =15(1+5)=6 9 (vowel number)

B I L L                     G A T E S

2    3 3                    7    2    1      =18(1+8)=9 (consonant number)                                   (1+2)(1+2)               (2+0) (1+9)

3. ) Now add up the vowel and consonants number and apply fadic addition, if required, to derive a single number: 6 + 9 = 15: 1 + 5 = 6

4. ) The name number is the above example is 6

What does your name number signify?

It has been said that as in the name, so in the deed. And rightly so, your name forms an image, just form the sound and look of its letters, in mind of those who have not even met you little wonder the name number represents what you do. and not what you think you do, or even what you think you do, or even what you want to do. It also shows how you interact with other  people. You have power over it because you can change it.


Name number 1

You are original, assertive and self-conscious In your interaction with others. Being a natural leader, you usually remain in control of things. You have the ability to see clearly ahead and are not afraid of stepping into new territory alone. Your strong will guides you forward and urges you to take the lead. you are good at leading others too. However, you can have difficulty in complying with others. Your rigid determination and impatient can have adverse influence.


Name number 2

You are friendly, diplomatic and cooperative. Your actions attract and inspire other. You are a decision –maker and enjoy a strong support of those around you. You possess an acute sense of timing, and generally know well it is time to act. However, you dislike being rushed and become indecisive, if you feel your decisions are likely to cause disharmony. You have creative bent of mind and cope well with details. You can be cunning at times.

Name number 3

You are intuitive, creative and express yourself through words, art, music, literature or even with your hands !you are interact with others in a lively manner. Being Gregarious and social, you use wit and laughter to further your aims. Although you have a sense of fun, you  need to your creativity. You can sometimes get bored and have difficulty in completing things.

Name number 4

You are stable and unemotional in your interaction with others. You have the ability to remain calm in a storm and keep your feet firmly on the ground. you are dependable and willing to take responsibility of yourself. Being practical and logical, you ascertain beforehand, weather you plans will work out or not. You prefer and orthodox approach and tend to push yourself  too hard, becoming a workaholic. however, you can get into a rut, becoming rigid in your thinking. You can also, at times, want others to shoulder your responsibilities.

Name number 5

You scientific and logical mind is gifted to find out the facts and figures of life Being adaptable and versatile in your interaction with others. You prefer to take a new and different approach to life. You are independent and dislike restrictions of any kind. Your good communication skills make you popular and also motivate others. However, at times. You tend to change directions too often or overindulge in pleasure seeking.

Name number 6

You interact with others in a loving and harmonious way. You love for humanity and inner wisdom is of immense help to other. You not only take on responsibilities, but also  enjoy every moment of it, even though you tire  yourself out, particularly, emotionally, domestic harmony is must for you to function at your set you are creative with the gift of seeing the whole picture but need to you it at times, you can needlessly tell others what to do.

Name number 7

You love doing your own thing and interact with others in your own individual  styles. You are intuitive spiritually  inclined, and need times alone. in your attempt to prove yourself, you even go to the extent of ignoring the easy or excepted approach. You dislike advice and directions. Commerce, arts, religion or politics attract you. You tend to daydream and can differ taking action until conditions become perfect, which may At times, but too late.

Name number 8

You act and interact with others in an efficient and capable manner, and have business like approach you are ambitious and set your goals, irrespective of weather you want success or not. You take responsibility or thoughts and actions. You love forward in life in a much more positive way then others you are humane and help those less fortunate’s   , but except them to help themselves once assisted you may sometimes become power hungry.

Name number 9

You are broad minded, tolerant and understanding, and show compassion in interacting with others. This makes you popular with people. you have an idealistic approach and need a wide panorama in which to act. You are flexible about life and to act only after considering the views of other You can also be opinionated, eager to win others over to view point on the other extreme, you can  be secretive about your believes, perhaps fearful of disapproval from others. You love to  travel. At times, you can be impractical and extravagant  with money


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