Kundan Srivastava : Crusader for Human Rights

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                         Kundan Srivastava

There has been a surplus in the rise of human rights as a result of alarmingly increase in violations across the nation. However, not many are aware about this 24-year-old unsung hero who has been an unflinching human rights activist, who identifies himself as an egalitarian and been a huge force to human rights advocacy.

Kundan Srivastava is one such a guy who has taken a firm stand against injustice metered on innocents irrespective of gender, religion and caste. One event proved to be a turning point in his life that led him to focus his entire attention on Humanitarian causes.

During his college days, he was abducted when he had protested against bureaucracy and mafia who were sabotaging the education system. Kept under hostage by the hooligans for straight 7 days, Kundan almost lost hope of surviving but he somehow managed to escape, however, endured a gunshot on his leg while escaping.

Strong resolve to work for social cause, Kundan completed his engineering while he lost his younger brother to terminal illness, only inspiring him to work on helping people and get them legal justice. Kundan continued his efforts towards creating better education systems for the underprivileged children in his village. He then moved to Delhi, where he began working as a software engineer for 91mobiles.

After shifting to Delhi, Kundan would frequently hear and read about women being harassed. It was then that he decided to start the Be In Humanity Foundation. It’s a youth-run voluntary organization that works towards empowering women across different sections of the society.

Through this foundation, Kundan has not only helped fight several crimes against women but has also helped rehabilitating many women  “After being victims of heinous crimes like rape, acid attacks and dowry harassment, little is done to help these women. They need to be welcomed back into society and given strength, courage and power to lead normal lives,” says Kundan.

Thanks to the third wave of feminism (or pseudo-feminism can I say), Even hearing a term called ‘Women Right’s Activist’ can irk countless people these days. Feminism does have a beautiful objective however, it has been bastardized to such a level where even an average man or a woman doesn’t wish to be associated because it seems to be fight for privilege over equal rights.

Kundan might be a Women’s Right Activist, but he does have conscience and have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. He has equally stood against atrocities meted out against men and have handled cases that were genuine and dismissed ones that turned out to be false. Recently he published a chilling video of a UP-based barbarian Sangeeta Jain, who was caught beating her ill mother-in-law black and blue in the sting operation (carried out for past 6 months) and have ever since been fighting for the husband’s family who are actually victim of draconian Section 498A law (Anti Dowry Law).

Besides tackling crime scenes, Kundan is currently involved in getting Indian men back from the abused land of Saudi Arabia who have been falsely tempted of job and then ill-treated in the Kingdom by their employers,who got their passports confiscated to block their departure. With his great effort and dedications, many Indians stuck are able to make their way to homeland permanently for a joyful restart for life.

His achievement includes (credit – social.yourstory.com)

  • Young Social Activist and Founder of NGO Sectors in India.
  • Kundan Srivastava honored ‪‎iVolunteer Award‬’ 2014 by Rahul Mahajan in Mumbai on September 01, 2015
  • Awarded Universal Humanity Award 2013, An International Prestigious Award for Excellence in Humanitarian Services honored by Malose William Mogale – South African High Commissioner in presence of Kapil Sibal Minister of Communications and Information Technology and Law and Justice..
  • Awarded Pithhadhish Award 2012, as a young social activist from Bihar working towards humanity cause.
  • DIT Alumni Kundan Srivastava of 2007-2011 batches, B Tech in Information Technology is now among the Top Achievers announced by the College Management of Dehradun Institute of Technology, Dehradun.
  • DIT Alumni Kundan Srivastava receives Universal Humanity Award 2013on World Humanitarian Day at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi.

Kundan can be reached in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also in official website.

Today Kundan has followers as many as 1 lakh, his work is widely being appreciated and applauded. If anyone of you are in need of a “Knight in shining armor”, be assured, you are just a click away from his page.