It is said if you can think it, dream it, imagine it you can do it. So I just want you to imagine something not a fairy tale, not numbers or imagining a card l, I want you to imagine something else .

( read below lines first then do the below mentioned exercise for 2 min then read further ) No cheating Please😉

“Sit still and close your eyes, now think of LEMONS, yes big yellow juicy lemon and whisper I have some big yellow juicy lemons. Imagine your having the juice of Lemons, how they taste like Khaata- Meetha, mouth watering, smelling the aroma of lemons, eating it ahaha or teste like water.( Muh me pani agya )”

So how’s the exercise ?

Your imagination may brought you to this –
It must’ve brought water in your mouth,you smelled lemons, felt those juicy lemons.

Now look around have you find any lemons which you had imagined ?


Hmm. Now you have come to the reality and there aren’t any lemons, that’s the truth. Some of you had made the lemonade out of these lemons and must’ve drank it in these Hot weather to the bottom of the glass, So pleasing right !! something no longer exists changed our thinking.

Same lemons are here in our head all the time.
Sometimes in life we often imagine something which is not exist in reality, it is just the thought bubble of our imagined lemons which bring us stress, tensions or sometimes swept away our sleep.

Think of these situations as “Lemons in our head” which is not real, it is imagined only by you, you can solve these problems which are not here but imagined by you, eliminate this situation by opening your eyes, don’t always believe whatever your mind perceives. You are the own commander of your ship, have a positive attitude in life, take deep breaths and face the lemons (imagined problems). Its just the lemons in our head that creates tensions, reality is totally different if one thinks calmly and freely no matter how critical the situation is.

Always enjoy your life, do good karma and remember to burst the bubble of Lemons in your head whenever it occupies you. Don’t let lemons control you rather you control the lemon.

Thank you.