The legend that lies behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day tells us the story of Saint Valentine, a priest in ancient Rome who defied the Emperor Claudius II who thought men were better off fighting wars than being married. He secretly performed marriages for young lovers and for his actions, was ultimately executed.

What do we take away from this story? Given that Valentine’s Day is all about love, is it just about the young lovers who decided to wed? Absolutely not! If not anything else, this anecdote tells us the tale of upholding the true spirit of love. What St. Valentine did was not just unite lovers! His story tells us about the real spirit of love- it’s a story of sacrifice, bravery, and kindness- all fueled by love! It only reminds us of all the beautiful, mesmerizing and sometimes, weird and foolish things that love is capable of making us do!

February is a weird month if you ask me! The month that’s supposed to be all about love and positivity, has somehow, over the years turned into one filled with some really loathsome ideas that sprung out of the minds of people, who wanted to only inflict their loneliness on other people as well! So, instead of going on to like those dank “Forever alone” memes or some shady post about how our country is getting all Westernized with this Valentine’s Day stuff (Please! You’re not a 100 years old!) or worse, spewing some hatred on everyone out there who’s spreading love, sit back, relax and think!

When did we restrict “LOVE” and shrink it to the one definition that we can all agree is pretty famous?! Who gave us the right to take a day so pure and turn it into something half the people are afraid to celebrate and the other half are too afraid not to?

Why does it matter if you’re single this Valentine’s Day? Can’t you see the love that surrounds you on all sides?

Was it not love when so many people flung airports to show their solidarity towards the refugees and absolute strangers stuck because of policies that stemmed out from someone’s inherent hatred? Who told you that you have to depend on a John Green or a Nicholas Sparks novel to know the true meaning of love? Go to a J.K Rowling novel instead! No, I’m not talking about Ron and Hermione. Remember what defeated Voldemort? It was Lily Potter’s Love that defeated him in the end!*winks* Wasn’t it for love that on the 28th of January, a bunch of people came out to the streets of Mumbai to show support for our brothers and sisters whose love was deemed a criminal act by an age-old regressive law! Isn’t it love every time you see your pet waiting at your doorstep for you to come back from a long day’s work? Don’t convince me that the reason isn’t love when you see someone quit their 9 to 5 job to travel and take photographs! You cannot tell me it’s not the love for yourself that drives you to cut out all the toxicity in life!

Love’s everywhere. You just need the eyes, or rather, the heart to be able to see it! Love’s the thin rope that binds all of humanity together. And makes us fight and see the light, even on the darkest of days! What the world needs right now, is to know that love still prevails and will, ultimately win.  The fact is that there are people all over trying to spew hatred in the minds and souls. Let’s let the people know that LOVE WILL ALWAYS TRIUMPH OVER HATE! For once, let love do all the talking! Let’s celebrate love for the powerful, beautiful, and pure emotion that it is! Let’s use love as a tool in a world that depends on hate way too much.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s break all the molds. Fuck stereotypes. So, whether your love is a woman, or man or not, whether you’re gay or straight, whether you’re a theist or an atheist, trans or cis, whether your love is returned or unrequited, even if your Valentine this summer, is your bike, food, or anything else…

As long as it’s pure and real, know that love will always be valid!

This month – LET’S TALK LOVE!