Life a  Straight-Curvy Line


Once upon a time, when I was a big-dumb-idiot Boy, someone asked me what is life and obviously me being the old me told that life is a fruit (I mean what else can you expect!), we were told that fruits are great for you, Apple khao beta ,Bimar ni hoge!!

But now that I have grown-up to become a Ahem Ahem… Smart and Intelligent Person, I went on the venture of understanding life again.

So, Here are Some of My Own Philosophies About Life!

Q.)  What is life?

Ans.) Is it an ocean full of mystical and unexplored treasures, ready to come on the surface.


The Outer space full of Gold and Rock Planets (and lets hope for some friendly aliens too)


Well, let’s skip past through all the other sophisticated definitions and move to the one I personally Believe in….


“That Life is A Straight Line ,Always Moving Forward, But With the Curves, the Ups and Downs of Happiness and Sorrow” (Actually, the Curves might as well be of Kim Kardarshian too.)

Life is an amazing journey, a great adventure ,a great Roller Coaster Ride Which has everything starting from slow pace , Gaining Speed and then whizzing on those curves .

Life is Yum…Life is tasty…Life is Banana Curvy Line.

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