Nimisha was a beautiful girl. She was 20 years old. She had completed her graduation and was looking for a job. Wherever she went she was rejected as she didn’t have any work experience. She was feeling very low. All her classmates had got selected through campus selection but on the day of placements she wasn’t at the college as she had to be with her ailing relative at the hospital.
Nimisha’s parents were pressuring her to get married. They were quite conservative especially her grandmother who felt that girls should get married at an early age or else they will defame the family name.
Nimisha didn’t wanted to settle down so early. She wanted to be independent. To have a job and to earn and live her dreams before being married off in some family where should have to adjust her lifestyle according to their demands..
One day when she was doing the usual shopping for grocery at the local store   she saw a lady who seemed like a fashion diva. The lady seemed somewhat familiar to her but she couldn’t place her. There were a few men around her who were teasing and insulting the lady. Nimisha could ‘nt hold back her anger and she shooed off the eve teasers. The lady was very thankful and Nimisha complimented the lady. She indeed was very beautiful..

The lady apparently was a porn star who was given a role to be the lead actress of a bollywood movie.  The men was teasing her on her reputation of a porn star. Nimisha felt a little awkward but she asked her autograph. Her name is Angela.

Angela was  pleased with Nimisha and she offered her a ride in her car. Nimisha agreed and they got talking. Angela asked Nimisha some really personal question about her sexuality, her waist size and everything .

Nimisha told her that she was a graduate student and was looking for a job. Angela thought for a moment and said that she has a perfect job for her. Nimisha was excited. Angela took Nimisha to her apartment where there was a director and a photographer. Angela spoke with them in private.  She told them all about Nimisha and said that this girl has the potential to become a porn star. “We just have to get past her barriers.”

Nimisha was against when they suggested this to her. She didn’t know how to respond. Angela explained to her that it’s a grand opportunity and they will train her well and in the beginning she would just be required to do photoshoots and that the real action comes later when she is more comfortable.

Nimisha wasn’t sure she wanted to do it. She said that her family is very conservative and this would defame their name. Angela assured her that her clips would be solely for the European viewers and will not be published in India or Asia..
Nimisha said that she needed time to think. Angela gave her the address and contact information and asked Nimisha to inform her about her decision whatever it may be.

Nimisha thought about it a lot. She was measuring the pros and cons of being a porn star. After a week, she called Angela and informed her that she was ready….

Angela was very ecstatic. She made all the arrangements for the shoot with her director and photographer.

At first Nimisha felt really uncomfortable in the skimpy lingerie which barely covered her lady parts. All her life she had worn traditional dress and this sudden transition wearied her.

After initial hiccups the shoot was successful. Nimisha had done the unthinkable. She was a given a good amount of money for the shoot and she was feeling very happy

Months passed and Nimisha had been well trained by Angela. She was now ready to work as a mainstream porn star and do the real act…

She was a grand success. Everybody at the industry were impressed at the raw talent. Nimisha ‘s earnings increased and she was living her dreams.

At home Nimisha had lied that she had got  a job at an MNC. Her parents were proud of her and they were looking for a prospective groom for their darling daughter Nimisha..

She got alliances from many NRIs. Finally her parents fixed a meeting with the family of the boy. The boy worked in London . He was from a well to do family and was earning very well as well..

He had left the choice of the girl to his parents and when they informed him about a potential girl he agreed to go with it.

When the families met it was a grand occasion. Even though they were meeting for the first time they had many conversations on the phone and were quite sure that they would soon be relatives.

When Nimisha met the boy Arpit she liked him. They both were given some time alone to talk and get to know each other.  Arpit took a good look at Nimisha. He was sure that he had seen her before. He asked her about her job and she told him the same lie she had given her parents. Arpit asked her hobbies and sbmhe told she likes acting and that she stood first in drama competition at her college. This rung a bell…

Arpit put two and two and the puzzle was solved. He recalled that he had seen her in a porn video.  He felt disgusted to be with her. He went up to his parents and told them that he isn’t interested in Nimisha. Everybody were surprised even Nimisha.

Arpit said that he has his personal reasons for not wanting to marry Nimisha and that they should respect it.

After a few weeks Nimisha received a message from Arpit saying that he knows she is a porn star. Nimisha was shocked. Tears flowed out of her eyes when she read his next message…

Arpit had asked Nimisha to entertain him and his friends at a bachelor’s party. In all her life she had never felt so cheap even when she shot for the porn films…

Arpit blackmailed her. He said that he would reveal her real identity to her family.

Nimisha was very upset. She went to Angela with her problem. Angela was feeling very bad and guilty. She had never thought that such a situation could arise.

Angela told Nimisha that she should tell her family the truth.  Nimisha said that she would rather be dead than let her family know.

After hours of coaxing her Nimisha finally agreed . Angela and Nimisha together went to her parents and revealed the truth. Her parents were furious. They disowned her and asked her to die than live this wretched life.

Today Nimisha is no more. She died that  very day when her family disowned her.

She changed her identity. She was now Natalie. A totally transformed girl. Nobody could recognize the sweet, innocent Nimisha she once was.

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