Unveil the curtains,
The time has begun!
The stage is all set;
There’s no escape for none!

The good that you do, the pure that you are,
Has no value in this bizarre drama,
Perhaps its god’s blasphemy;
To drive one crazy with his melodrama!

The fact that you are born,
It itself an unknown bane,
So blaming incorrigibly , just
Makes the situation more insane!

Nature, the epitome of beauty:
Is being doomed everyday!
More technological development hassles life;
Now, man has everything with just a click away!

What makes us a good human being?
Care, generosity, responsibilities, brains and talent,
But these are just mere words to everyone nowadays,
With fate known only to our omnipotent!

And as we plough our fields,
Reaping what we had already sown
We realise, not all crops are same
It depends on each script, his unique own!

There’s an innate difference, an eccentric light,
That always motivates us till the end,
And never fails to shine bright!!!