When the day came, I realised
I was nervous and excited at the same time.

And so why not be,


I thought looking at you, standing beneath the tree,


With your friends,


Talking merrily about past and present


Reminiscing all those years that had gone by,


Came the sweetest smile from your crescent


Which calmed my lurching beat


And soothed the soul with warmth and heat.


I gathered courage and moved along


To meet the sweetest soul of all.


There she was embracing green and braces on her teeth


Brighter even than a ceremonial wreath.


Well, as I reached her friends left


Whose reasons are still faint.


But as I looked into the open eyes,


I saw the depth of a vast ocean bed


That was really difficult to be read.


Her voice had the melody of a song bird


Which still lurks in my head


Like hope lurks in the valleys of darkness stead;


Well, we talked little of random things


Which were filled in with random beings.


I had lots to share but time was gone,


The day came to an end but the memories will never descend.


It will stay with me till my final breath


Like the memories of a mother who loses her son in war.


The memories will steer me without fear


For I must stay to meet again,


And hope that time will not be so dear again


For we don’t love to live but live to love.


On her Birthday(25th Feb)!
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