When I stared deep into his eyes, the innocence reflected the pain of need, joy and happiness, like there was something the little one wished to express, but couldn’t. Fear of speaking out killed the innocence of this kid making him turn more innocent. As he ran towards the pile of sand, he smiled into his own joy, allowing the sand to flow with wind entering right into his eyes. Rubbed his eyes with his cute little hands, and crying out for his mother.

“Mohan, ye kya kiya”, shouted his mother hitting him hard.

I stood by noticing all those little one play there in the sand. My body shivered at the fact that the sand they play in, is the only food they get to eat at times. How carefree they are left to handle on their own.

We complain even for the things we get, irrelevant of the thought about what if a child who never have even seen that thing would react to it. They walk barefoot on the roads, eat anything they get to, play even with a broken toy that they once found in the garbage dump, sleep on the footpaths even on the snowy cold nights. Happiness for them is like a cold day in hell. The way their eyes linger upon the street food would make you realize about how lucky you really are. Life for them had never been easy; they suffer the real struggles of life, they can’t even have those mid day meals and stay hungry the entire day if not much is earned for the day.

Some of them abide big dreams but have no hopes to fulfill them rather just give wings to their strength and live with whatever they have.

The innocence they carry is lost deep down into their dark world covering it with the dust particles and dreams. The innocence is when they dream of becoming one amongst us even when we are not happy with our lives.