Rakesh and Ananta were two friends who knew each other for a long time, 18 years to be precise. They were well adapted to each other and understood the subtle nuances of each other’s behavior and character.
When they were in their early teens they developed a crush on each other which was quite normal for anyone at that stage.
When they turned into  adults their crush further developed into an affair. They were inseparable so much that Ananta sacrificed her dreams of becoming a scientist to join the same arts college Rakesh enrolled in.
Everything was going great when a mishap happened. Rakesh met with an accident and he lost his vision. He was blind now. Ananta felt really bad for him.
She wanted to support him, be with him but that was what her heart was telling her to do. Her rational side was giving her the opposite ideas. That was to leave Rakesh and move on in life.
Rakesh is disabled now. He cannot be the same person he was before. He cannot appreciate you or go along with you like he did before.
Ananta was a beautiful girl and she deserved a much better person. Someone who wasn’t a liability, someone who can take care of her.
She left Rakesh. She made a clean break. She told him quite sternly and clearly that she cannot handle the situation and she cannot be with Rakesh anymore.
Rakesh was heartbroken. It was too much for him. That poor bloke had just lost his vision and had not come out of that shock when lo-and-behold Ananta throws another bouncer at him.

Ananta finished her graduation and got a job at a BPO. She was preparing for her MBA side by side. At the office she got close with a guy named Pranav.
Pranav was attracted to Ananta. He really liked her bubbly nature and outgoing personality. He was very straightforward and expressed his feelings for her.
Ananta liked that about him. She accepted his proposal of being in a relationship.
She was however in for a shock when she realized that Pranav was more or less similar to Rakesh. He had the same accent as Rakesh. He too belonged to the same caste and a lot other things as well. Pranav also disliked Ananta speaking ill of herself just like Rakesh.
She was baffled. There was more to Pranav than what he really showed. Ananta noticed that Pranav liked the same things which Rakesh liked and had the same habits like Rakesh had.
Ananta felt very uncomfortable. She was having a bad feeling about all this. She felt as though some black magic was taking place.
She decided to contact Rakesh. After several efforts of reaching Rakesh from her old contacts she got to know that Rakesh had passed away few years back. He had lost his vision and had undergone a surgery for the same. The surgery was successful but misfortune striked him again and he met with an accident and it was death on the spot.
At learning this Ananta was pretty sure that Rakesh’s spirit is dwelling in Pranav. She being a Hindu was accustomed to such kinds of beliefs or superstitions.
She decided to confront Pranav. She told him what was on her mind only to see Pranav laughing uncontrollably.
She put her thoughts away and carried on with her work.
After a week had gone, it was Rakesh’s birthday. Ananta remembered that Rakesh always went to temple on his birthday to offer special prayers.
She too decided to go to temple. At the temple, however, she was very surprised to see Pranav.
Now Pranav had portrayed himself as an atheist and Ananta was now  that Pranav is hiding something.
She demanded the truth. She made a huge scene at the temple. Eventually Pranav had no choice but to spill the beans.
He told him that as he was deeply in love with Ananta he wanted to know more about her past. One day, he had found her diary in which she had written about Rakesh. He really loved the way she expressed herself about Rakesh. He yearned to be Rakesh to get the same love and respect which Ananta had for him.
So he had done research on Rakesh, got as much information as he could about him and moulded himself like him only to gel with Ananta.
Ananta didn’t know how to react. She told him that  instead of going about like this if he had just asked her about her past and why she loved or maybe still loves Rakesh she would have told him.
Ananta said that Rakesh was her first love and she was very sorry to leave him and that if ever she got a chance to just tell him how much she loved him and how ashamed she is about leaving him she would have done it.

Pranav asked Ananta to marry him. Ananta was buffed. She told Pranav that she wanted time to think about it.

After a week, Ananta accepted Pranav ‘s marriage proposal. They got married in a temple in the presence of family and close friends.

Ananta felt really happy and content. Pranav was a great guy and she felt that she knew him from a long time.

Ananta was ready to enter into marital bliss with Pranav but things weren’t as she had expected it to be.
On their first night, Pranav was drunk. He looked totally different from the Pranav she had known. There was a glint if evil in his eyes.
Ananta came near him and tried to calm him down from his frenzy but shw was pushed away.

Pranav looked at her spitefully and lunged at her throat. He slapped her and banged her head in the wall.
Ananta cried in pain. She pleaded “Pranav let go of me please, you are not in your senses!”
Pranav gave out an evil laugh. He said “Hah! I am not Pranav! I am Rakesh, the  guy you dumped. Am back. Am not dead!”
He told Ananta the truth. Evidently he was Rakesh. The Rakesh who loved Ananta. He had undergone a plastic surgery and had changed his identity completely.
He had done all this to get even with Ananta .

Ananta apologized to Rakesh. She cried and begged him to forgive her but he didn’t. He had waited all his life to take revenge with Ananta.

He had ruined her life. He didn’t accept her as his wife. He hurled abuses at her and mistreated her.
His love had turned to hatred..

Rakesh had put so much energy into his revenge that he failed to understand that the virtue of forgiveness and to start over and lead a happy life…

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