I always dreamt of a passionate love life! As I used to watch a lot of love stories! My fantasies about my love life kept on toll! Finally the time came when fantasy became a reality!

I saw a tall handsome guy walking towards me! He came to me and introduced himself!! I had goosebumps as i heard his breathe taking heavy voice! I had never thought i will get chance to talk to him! Actually he came to meet my friend! As he wasn’t their we got chance to talk lucky me 😎 ! We became good friends! We talked and talked and god knows when we fell in love with each other! He became to  everything me! He stood by my side in every up’s and down’s! He gave me shade like a tree when i was standing in sun! He held my hand when i was alone and wanted someone! He loved me more then I expected and gave me respect! And I loved him too which gave to rise in physical attractions! It was the feeling i never felt for anyone before! He made me smile like hell. Whenever he came closer to me i felt like kissing him so deeply! He attracted me like a magnet! My body wanted him like hell!

I waited for the right time and that time came when we went for an outing to a hill station! I was taking glimpse of the nature and he was standing  beside me! And as i turned my face to him our lips touched! It was the first time we accidently kissed!! We both were in a shock what happened hormone’s started rushing through my body and thoughts came storming in my mind that it wasn’t wrong! It was meant to be happen one day! I was feeling shy and didn’t knew what to do next? He turned towards me held me tightly and said in a calm voice” I want to complete this baby!”. He embraced me and kissed me passionately! It was our first kiss! After that everything become more intense and passionate day by day! And my fantasy become my reality!

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