With One Love by Blue singing in the background, I sit down to write on Love.

I don’t wanna give up,

I don’t wanna give in,

Oh, so everybody sing,

One Love….

These four lines seem to have a lot more meaning than everything else that’s been said, read or sung on love.

Love. The word always brings to mind, a young couple, romance, and happiness. Everyone basically sees different alterations of the same. If we are open to more, we see our mothers, our brothers, our families and our friends. That’s the beauty of the word – just four letters and a world’s worth of images, feelings and so much more.

Does love separate us from animals? Not really. They feel as much, if not more, love than we do. Which is why mankind has always managed to form deep bonds with animals! That’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Sitting back to think before I pen down what I want to say about love, my mind reels back. I see all the different instances where I know I’ve experienced love.

Every single day, when I say “I Love You” to my brother, the 9-year-old smiles at me and says back, “Love you too.”

My mother, whenever she patiently listens to my rants and struggles, whenever she wipes away my tears or tells me to get my back straight and deal with a difficult phase in life.

My father when he smiles before giving in to my demands whether unreasonable or otherwise….

Laughing over cups of coffee with friends, playing with my neighbour’s little kid…

Each of these leave me feeling good, happy and cherished. That’s what love is all about, isn’t it?

Then what about the times we argue and fight with those we love? Disagreements, betrayal, pain and suffering are all a part of love. That’s what they tell us anyway.

I remember some of the more horrible things that have happened with those I love. Betrayals beyond forgiveness, wounds that take a long time to heal, scars that disappear but which make us experience some phantom pain…. None of these are pleasant. In fact, they leave us bitter, wondering why we even bother with caring about people, why we love and above all, why do we stay?

Why do we stay? Have you ever thought about it?

We stay because we’ve decided to have those we love in our lives. We want them there and we want to be there for them. This is irrespective of everything that happens with them in our lives.

So, what does that leave us with: Is love just an emotion?

Well, if it is, then it’ll go away eventually. We’ll be able to walk away from it all the first time things don’t go our way. And yet, we don’t.

So, what does that make love?

Well, Love is a decision. We’ve made the decision to love someone and if you’re a person of your words, you’ll keep it.

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