February is all about “Love is in the air”, isn’t it? While the couples rejoice the month of red, some singles long for the sweet nothings. Amidst such people, there are others who secretly (or not so secretly) fear love. Yes, you read that right and people like us do exist! Though people find it absurd, we are scared to love or to be loved.
Let me tell you about how I feel on behalf of all my type of creatures. Our bookshelves are full of romantic novels and we love listening to love stories, the heart does a somersault every time Sharukh Khan spreads his arms, we still cry when Jack makes Rose promise him to live her life as he dies, wipe unshed tears when Ross says that they were on a break and smile when we see Chandler and Monica together.
I personally don’t believe in love *I can see my friends roll their eyes* Though I love to see happy couples, deep down I don’t want to experience it.
You want to know the reason? Well, I just don’t think that I am meant to love someone because I’m scared of breaking my heart. Because I’m scared of trusting someone. Because I’m scared of losing someone. I’m scared to love cause if I do, I know I’ll cling to him and start living for that person. So, I just stopped believing in it and built huge walls to protect my fragile heart.  We fear commitment too! No, not because we can’t be committed. It’s just because we hate to see the person that we love start hating us when the thread of commitment shreds. Though we have seen many happy couples still in love, we have also seen some people fall out of it. Broken marriages and heart breaks made us lose trust in the so called relations like ‘love’ and ‘marriage’.
But trust me, when we love, we love with all our hearts. He/she will forever be etched in our hearts and we stand by that person no matter what happens. To every person who is scared of love, it’s okay. We have our bizarre reasons and let’s hope that someday someone is worth all the wait.
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