1. She went partying with friends but without her boyfriend.She had attended 12 calls and 20 missed calls from her boyfriend because he said he was concerned and he missed her.Love or control?
  2. They were good friends. One fine day, he admitted that he loves her. She said that, to her, he was only a friend in whom she can confide and nothing more. He went on calling her multiple times a day, sending her gifts and convincing her to love him back. She kept on making clear that he was a good friend to her. A week later she was a victim of acid attack. Love or control?
  3. Every night, when her husband came back she greeted him with love and made everything possible that could make him happy. He also took her on dates, outings and treated her with gifts. They were a happy couple. But every fortnight, he forcibly had sex with her. Love or control?
  4. He introduced her to his circle of friends. She went dancing with him and his friends. She was having fun. But later at night, she was domestically abused. Love or control?
  5. He went out his friends and came late. Next day, his girlfriend went out with her friends and came back late. But before going she had to answer multiple questions of where she is going, how she is going, why she is going, with whom she is going and more because he was concerned about her security. Love or control???
  6. She went on to the road with her friends. A junior from her college wrote her letter describing his love to her. She accepted him. A few days later, she got a message from the same person because he didn’t like her wearing a short dress to the college prom.  She thought it was cute of him when he was jealous. Again a few days later, he scolded her for going out suddenly with her friends. She thought he was caring. Next day, he drank with his friends and he forgot to call her. She was tensed. He came back and called her and scolded her for calling him while he was chilling with his friends. She explained she was angry. He said she is a woman and she can’t control men. She immediately cut the call. He got angry. Two days later, she was raped. Love or control?