Dear the 20 year Old Kid,

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas, my child. I know you sometimes do secretly wish that you had tied a stocking onto the tree for me to drop in gifts but you didn’t. You might also feel I don’t exist and I am merely an element of children’s fantasy. You’re right. Maybe I don’t exist. Or maybe I exist and my existence is so vidid that it becomes reticent.  It has always been my ‘job’ to bring happiness to homes and lives. Its the best job in the world. Its the most tough thing sometimes and the most easiest otherwise else.

You know, how often have to smiled at a stranger and gotten a smile back? How often have you been euphoric because of something and jumped and hugged someone next to you and have made them laugh along? Laugh, I say. Aha, how often have you laughed until you’ve got tears? How often have you had a moment with someone when you both can’t stop laughing and have to hold your paining cheeks to control? A smile for a smile makes the whole world happy, my child. Do it. Smile for yourself. And when you do that, my job is done! I exist in your smile and you never notice it. The whole purpose of my existence is getting smiles.

I know you’re a 20 year old who is too old to believe in me and too young to understand me.

I’ve been secretly watching you crying over life. Sometimes I send someone to help you keep up. Sometimes I don’t. You’re my team too, you’re as capable to brining smiles as my any other team mate is. So why not?! Sometimes I don’t send anyone to keep you up, because my best teammate is enough for oneself. If I say that you’re being promoted when I do that, I’ll rather sound cheeky. So I’ll just say, Christmas is just one day when you’ll see me more often. Otherwise I exist in the little girl who makes tea for her grandfather in morning. I exist in the boss who gives out diwali bonus. I exist in the boy to helps the under privileged. I exist in the friend to hugs it out when the other is in trouble. I exist everywhere. I exist in you. Don’t let me die, will you?

Lots of love,

Santa (/Self!)


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