Boom! This is 2k17!


Time and technology are in a rat race and we are deadly locked in this realm of self concerned human civilization. Our minds are also filled with concern, doubt, fear, anxiety over every negative thing possible. From the heart wrenching case of Nirbhaya to the never-ending news of terrorism, child sexual abuse, rape; day-in and day-out, we are being more cornered, bit by bit!


And ultimately, the result is alarming! We are becoming more fearful and instead of being united, we are drawing ourselves into a cocoon of self comfort. I once had an encounter with an incident which shook my very foundation. While travelling in a bus, I saw the ruthless barbaric version of a so-called creature known as a ‘HUMAN’. That guy was constantly teasing a woman and when she protested, hardly 2 or 3 people joined her in her plight. The others kept mum. Someone was listening to music, someone was chatting away with a friend. Everybody despite knowing what was going on, turned a blind eye. And some of them were just giving their cold glances which resembled much like the character of AKSHAY KUMAR in ‘2.0’!


There are numerous such stories which are making our near and dear ones more worried when we get out of our houses to do our work. Then, I ask myself – “Why are they worried?” And I got the answer – It is love. Love starts the moment you open your eyes in this world and look into your mother’s eyes! That’s love at first sight.


Time and again, the sanctity of true love and passion has prevailed over everything and it has been the driving force for change which can make the world a more peaceful and fulfilling place. This Valentine’s Day, take out time from your busy schedule and enjoy the viscous scent of love which prevails in the air. Be it your love for your little kid, mother, sister, wife, even for that special one or for your cute puppy; find the  time to talk to them and make them feel that you care for them.


People often feel shy and hesitant to express their feelings for someone and it is very surprising that we can abuse someone so confidently but when it comes to the expression of something as pure as love, we get hiccups and we dither. This is the beauty and the essence of altruistic love. When two lovers meet each other for the first time and they shy away and blush, that feeling is priceless and is the purest form of love!


We know the days are dark but love will stay and it will make way for a better world where we selflessly care for others and become more humane instead of becoming slaves of technology.


When you mix love at the conjunction of science and humanities, only then you can create a revolution! That is why love is relevant wherever you go and whatever you do! And like every other thing, it is also dynamic and is ever changing. It is beyond the  scope of a bookish definition. So, let’s not define it and instead, take a part in the spirit of love.


————————-———-Dedicated to someone special————————-😇
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