What is the most dangerous thing in the world? Some would say, nuclear explosions. Some others would say wars. Quite a few would say, natural calamities. It is human nature to perceive all the things that they fear, as dangerous. But there is something that is the most dangerous of them all and is universally experienced by everyone at some point of their life.

That ominous villain is called self-doubt. He comes unannounced, bringing with him fear, depression, hatred, jealousy and all other negativity in the world. So dangerous, isn’t he?

Self-doubt makes you feel inadequate, as though you are not worthy of anything. He slowly pulls you into the dark pit of depression and sucks on your happiness like a dementor ( to drive mad).

So, who is the knight in shining armor that runs to your rescue? There is only one person who has the weapon to fight this dangerous villain. Don’t crane your necks trying to search for him. That superhero is currently hiding inside the depths of your heart. Why, you ask? Because you pushed him there. Every negative thought of yours, has destroyed his power to fight.

So, how will he ever fight? That depends on you. But first, let me introduce him to you. He is called Self-Love.

Yes my dear friend, there are times in everybody’s life when they feel insecure. Everybody in this world feels inadequate at some point of their life. Every woman out there feels jealous and insecure at times.

There is every form of negativity pulling you down. You feel that you are too fat, too skinny, too nerdy, too stupid, to ugly or too troubled. You feel as though you cannot do anything in life. That whatever life offers, is wasted on you.

I can teach you a technique I use to get my hero out to fight, Finding positives about yourselves. I look at Self-doubt right in the eye and challenge him, “So what if I am boring or fat, I am smarter than most people around, I can sing well, I can write and,” I grab him by the collar, “I love myself for that.”

My dear friend, you can never be “too” anything. It is common knowledge that nobody is perfect and nobody can be. If you lack one thing, you make up for it in another. Because, unlike us, Nature is impartial. She favours everyone, she punishes everyone. That’s the rule she lives by.

So stop being so hard on yourself. If you think you are beautiful, you will be. If you think you are smart, you will be. Don’t let your insecurities and fears drag you down.

There is only one person who is going to be with you throughout your life, who is going to be happy for your success, sad for your failure, your backbone -making you stronger and your light in the times of darkness. There is only one person whom you are going to spend your whole life with. That person is you. So decide, whether, you want to spend the whole journey with doubt and hatred or to make it easier by trusting and loving yourself.

Kick the doubts out of life with your high heels, (or boots). Seek out whatever makes you happy. Punch negativity in the face. Smile, for it makes your hero strong. And most of all, love yourself. For that makes all the difference in the world. Look at the mirror with a confident and proud face. I am sure you’ll be happy with what you’ll see. Keep this in mind, a little bit of narcissism is not so bad *wink*.

With lots of (self) love, until we meet again.