“Together forever never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.”

Usually, love is portrayed as a fancy. An experience where you can hold each other’s hands, get to see each other every day, cherish every single moment with your partner, and what not. But, it is something more than just being physically around your partner and cuddling them every now and then. It is through long distance relationships that you grow as a person as well as a couple.

Long distance relationship is a brilliant fusion of sweet and bitter experiences. It hardly takes a second to change from a deeply loving person into someone who just wants to throw the one them into the ocean. These mood swings are cute, messy, complicated, yet memorable when you are away from your significant other.  Long distance relationships are neither too complicated nor simple; they fall somewhere in the middle. You may have to go through a lot of things which are not required. You come across many things which seem irrelavant but turn out to be lessons. Every single moment is a learning experience when you don’t have the privilege of havning your partner sit right next to you. You grow with each other by being away from each other. Sounds weird, right?

The so-called musings of a long distance relationship technically start even before you part. It gives you a constant feeling of nausea when you think of staying away from your partner. You don’t have a specific word to describe that weird feeling of anxiety that brings pain in huge waves, but all you feel is exhausted. Exhausted because your daily routine will not be same, and you will not feel those butterflies that come every time you see them. And, although you just have to focus on your usual thing, all of a sudden everything becomes grievous. You will feel a void that’s not akin to missing a person but instead like having an organ missing. The consistent short-term anxiety lasts forever because you miss them even when you are together. The feeling of how much you are going to miss them when they leave haunts you. While it isn’t depression, those around you will notice that you definitely aren’t quite alright.

A long distance relationship isn’t  about feeling cursed. As I’ve already insisted, it is more of a learning experience than one that’s sickening. You learn acceptance! The distance, the quirkiness, the unwanted misunderstandings, and, the silly fights; you learn to accept everything that makes your bond special. You learn to appreciate everything that comes your way. Hearing their voice, looking at their early-morning pictures, listening about their day, and talking to them becomes so much more special than before. Both of you go through the same and yet, it’s hard to express. Sometimes you just feel like screaming out all the emotions that you have bottled up inside you, but you fear that it will be difficult for them to absorb it. As a couple, you both feel sad, guilty, and lonely at the same time. With each passing day, you become a little weaker and a little stronger and this is what brings you both closer to each other.

This is a beautiful experience and nobody can portray the emotions better than the person itself who is going through this praiseworthy phase. One has to understand the authenticity of this beautifully flawed relationship, where you accept the flaws for what they are. You get the privilege to feel the soul even before you have touched the skin. And if loving someone from a distance isn’t a true love, then please tell me my dear, what is!

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