Born in one place,

brought up in another.


None has gained importance

as the place where i met you.


I never knew that you will be

the person with whose thoughts

my day starts and ends up with.


And never thought that you will be

the person whom i don’t want to lose ever.


There is some hidden magic

which is dragging me towards you.


And a knot,

which made a strong bond between you and me.


I always wish to be with you,

dance with you,

jump and sing with you;

enjoy every moment.


There may not be a specific reason exactly

to explain why “i love you”;

but i do.


I don’t want you to do

something for me,but

what i want to ask is

never go away from me.


Even my mirror will not be

a perfect reflection of my pre-image,

as you are.

I always see me in you.

You stand as my perfect reflection.


If I smile it’s only because of you.


My eyes roll down with tears only when I’m in search of you.


Totally you mean my life and

I love you for as many days

As I’ll be on this earth.


Love is such a divine bond

which has an entire support from God.

And it is such a powerful miracle

that totally changed me as you.


Waiting for the day when our magical knot

will be turned into an ever bonded knot.

And surely that day is not so far.


 Love you forever and ever…

even those three magical words

are not enough

to express my love for you but still



             I love you….:))


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