It was a summer afternoon. I was coming from my class. It was the first day of college after the summer break and start of new semester and new session for all the freshers. It had been 3 days that my friends were no more talking with me. So, I was walking alone towards the canteen.

On my way to canteen, among all the new faces I noticed a guy with thick eyebrows, goti beard, sparkling droopy eyes and glittering smile. As soon as I saw this guy cupid’s arrow directly hit me. I went crazy. I wanted to know his name but I was scared to approach him. He was along with his friends and was walking down the same way, towards the canteen. Our eyes met twice or thrice but didn’t talk.

As soon as I  reached canteen I met a classmate of mine and sat with her for the lunch. I saw him and his friends sitting on the other side of the canteen and they had their lunch. Me and my classmate finished our lunch and went for classes. I really wanted to know his name. Later I went back to hostel.

In hostel I did my works but kept thinking about the guy. I hoped I would meet him tomorrow and know his name. He is not a hero kind of guy. He is a simple lean and thin guy but his sparkling eyes and glittering smile was something that could attract anything in the world. I just wanted to know him…….. With that hope I went to sleep.

It has been days that I and the guy cross each other everyday. I wanted to talk and know him everyday. I went to college and waited for the lunch break to meet the guy…… Our eyes often met but we never talked…..

Like everyday, today also we crossed the road while going to the canteen….But didn’t talk…..

After class I met a new senior of ours. I said, “Hi, I am Arohi.”

The senior said, “Hello, it’s Abhi here.”

I said, ” So, you here for MSW, I think…. Where are from?”

The senior said, “Yes I am in MSW…. I am from lower Assam… But I did my graduation from upper Assam. What about you?”

I said, ” I am in BA second year. I am from central Assam…. But due to dad’s job had spent 12 years in different parts of upper Assam.”

While talking, I found that he did graduation from the same place from where I completed my 10th. We were talking about some random stuffs. But as there was no seats empty. So, I was standing and talking. Suddenly, that guy came in. As soon as he came in, a seat got empty. We both went towards the same chair….

He said, “You want to sit?”

I said, “It’s fine. You sit.”

He said, “It’s ok. You take it.”

I said, ” No. You sit.” (with a broad smile)

He said, “Ok.” and sat on the chair…. I kept standing and continued talking. On the back of mind I was happy to talk to him.

While talking with Abhi Bhaiya, suddenly Abhi Bhaiya said to me, “let me introduce you with my friend.” (by pointing towards that guy). “So, this is my friend, Arjun and Arjun, this is Arohi.” Abhi Bhaiya introduced us.

“Hello” we greeted each other by shaking our hands. The name ‘Arjun’ seemed to be beautiful music to my ears. I was very happy that finally I know the guy whom I wanted to know.

“So you are from which course?” Arjun asked me.

“BA 2nd Year.” I replied “You are from MSW….  I guess…. as you are Abhi Bhaiya’s friend.”

“Hmmm….. so, you are our junior.” said Arjun and smirked.”Nice meeting you. So, I think we must leave as it’s time for the bus.” he said and was about to leave.

“Same here. I’ll also accompany you till the bus.” , I said and then I, Abhi Bhaiya and Arjun went till the bus and departed.

I am really happy. Finally, I know Arjun. He is just so awesome. Just like a perfect gentleman. Hope to know you more.

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