Hey, guys today I will be reviewing the most talked about Menow matte liquid lipsticks. It’s not that of known brand in India. It’s an Asian brand and are really cheap matte liquid lipsticks. They come in test tube shaped bottles really handy to carry and easy to apply.
You can get these lipsticks on www.ebay.in at a price of Rs.220, and in www.ebay.com for only $1 which is really cheap. I bought these from an Instagram shopping page which costed me Rs.350 for 6 lipsticks which is way cheaper than any other websites.

lipstick 1@7tint
I am quite happy with these lipsticks. They give you a super matte finish. They are very soft on application and after application they are very light weight not at all heavy like some of the other matte lipsticks are. If you are a fan of lime crime lipsticks and Kylie lip kit and can’t afford them since they are way costlier, these are good to go.

lipstick 2@7tint
When you apply them, they may appear a bit glossy but give it just a few seconds and you can observe the difference that it goes from glossy to being super matte. The picture below shows there appearance at the time of application.

lipstick 3@7tint
The lipsticks may even feel a bit sticky at the time of application but don’t worry about the stickiness it goes off once the lipsticks dries up immediately. They are very long lasting you can eat, drink and talk as much as you can but they won’t wear off. These lipsticks actually lasts up to 7-8 hours. Below is a picture of the lipsticks after they have dried you can see the difference between the before and after pictures that how matte they are.

lipstick 4@7tint
In the end I would just like to mention some of the pros and cons of the menow lipsticks.

1. Gives you super matte finish.
2. Dries off very quickly.
3. Lasts longer than normal lipsticks.
4. Easily available in websites and now even in shops.
5. Very handy to carry around and apply.

1. Not a well-known brand in India.
2. A bit sticky on application.
3. May crack off if not applied properly.
4. Very difficult to wipe off once applied, you will require a very good make up remover for wiping off the lipsticks. They can’t be wiped off with a normal tissue or cotton.


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