Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali khan brought together, an angelic neonate into this world, two months ago. The whole of India got divided into two halves – some went gaga over the name Taimur, while the others went into a frenzy of rage. Bebo and Saif were least rattled by the happenings. Bebo continued slaying at events and decided to toss such questions by calmly saying that her personal life is not other people’s business. Smart move, Bebo.

Okay so looking at the baby’s pictures, we are falling short of words to describe the heavenly beauty who looks like a Xerox copy of Bebo. Those eyes, that blonde hair and pout, exactly like his mommy. Can there be anything more gorgeous than him? Turns out Saif had put this photo as his Whatsapp display picture and that is how this picture went viral.

What a stunning looking baby! He looks so mesmerizing and beautiful. No wonder Bebo keeps mentioning how “Taimur is the most beautiful baby”.

Like momma, like baby, take a look at this picture:

In fact this reminds us of all Taimur’s new born pictures that had gone viral the very day he was born. Specially the one with daddy Saif. Priyanka Chopra had even complimented this bundle of joy saying- “It is such a wonderful moment and it is such a beautiful baby and he already has Kareena’s pout”. Following which, Kareena too proudly replied to her praises saying- “My son is the most gorgeous man in this side of the equator. I take it as a compliment because yes his lips are amazing”.

Well everyone knows that Kareena is a beautiful and fun loving soul. She admits that she is totally enjoying every bit of her motherhood she even revealed, “There are a lot of responsibilities on you once you become a mother. You feel that your heart is not beating inside you but outside your body and that is the biggest responsibility. Both Saif and I always wanted this. We used to talk about all these things. Both of us see ourselves in Taimur and this is the most special thing.”

Saif and Bebo are currently the most happening couple of B’town. We wish for them to stay happy lifelong, with Taimur soon becoming a sensation just like his parents. Lots of love to you, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi!


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