Life is a vicious circle, the more you disentangle, the more you trap. Every day of our life teaches a new lesson. A lesson to deal, a lesson to heal.

Life , situation and experiences change a person. Something like this happen with me also.

I often wonder do the miracles really happen? Is there anything called supernatural?

My imagination stops there, when he came in my life and a beautiful miracle happen. Who came as a cold breeze, resurrent my corpse like soul . Bewildered and lost in thought I look at the MOON , passed the whole night try to unveil the mistery of thought.

I met him again. So much to ask , planned in thought , pulsation touching the sky. I utter to catechize a mountain of entangle thoughts. But could manage to say only’Hi’……

In response he gave only smile, looking into my eyes

A mesmerising smile that sprouts my soul like a sunshine always rise.
That was the time I realise what I was looking for.I got all my unsoughted questions like ” Manzil ko kinara mil gya”.

No more to ask, no more to say.Just the two silent hearts making their way.
world seems so changed. Nebulous but fabulous.

Musical wind was blowing freezing me out. Chirruping of birds,dazzling of rays, buzzing of bees, dancing of trees.

How staggering it was, made me realise I just encounter the miracle and he was the MIRACLE of my life.