Mix & Match


Anurag and Pragya were two love birds meant to be together. Everybody said that they were with each other since the times they were in their diapers.

They were complete opposites of each other. It was a miracle that they managed to be with each other for so long.

Anurag was quite musical and creative. He loved to be indoors either reading, painting or playing his guitar.

Pragya was more outgoing. She always wanted to be in the limelight. She was more into sports and racing.

It was as if their roles were reversed.
Whenever there used to be any trouble,Pragya was the one to resolve it. She didn’t use words for it. She was very protective about Anurag and would become violent if anyone try to hurt him.

Everybody teased Anurag by calling him her puppy.

Anubhuti was another girl who was close to Anurag. She had a very sweet disposition. She was calm and peaceful. She avoided fights and her presence always made Anurag happy and secure.

Anurag could talk about his feelings to Anubhuti in a way he couldn’t to Pragya.

Pragya had no patience for sob stories and moping. She always rebuked Anurag when he got all emotional. She wanted Anurag to be more like a Man and not a crybaby.

Yuvraj was another boy who was very close to the love birds but like Anubhuti he was more drawn to Pragya.

Yuvraj and Pragya were a great pair. They had common interests and were very compatible with each other.

Anurag and Pragya though very different ftom each never let any factor, be it their close proximity to Anubhuti and Yuvraj come in between their love.

Their differences in nature sparked their romance. They quite balanced each other.

As time passed, families of the love birds were very keen in tying their knot. They wanted Anurag and Pragya to come together in matrimony.

Little did they know that things were not going well. between the love birds.  Insecurity crept in their relationship. Whenever they had any misunderstanding instead of talking it out with each other they went to their friends.

Anurag used to seek Anubhuti for everything. He felt that only she could understand him and fix his problems.

Pragya on the other hand vented her feelings to Yuvraj who used to handle her well.  Yuvraj knew exactly what to say to Pragya and always made her feel completely at ease.

When Anurag and Pragya got to know of their parents plans they were taken aback.

They had  a serious conversation with each other. Pragya asked Anurag whether he really wanted to marry her. Anurag had no answer. He was very confused. He loved Pragya but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to take their relationship to the next level.

They both called their friends Anubhuti and Yuvraj.

Yuvraj and Anubhuti were very close to each other because of their families. They were good friends though they both weren’t as close to each other than they were with Pragya and Anurag.

Yuvraj and Anubhuti were having their own troubles. Their families had decided to arrange their marriage and they didn’t know how to respond.  They never saw each other as potential life partners. It came as a shock to them when their marriage was fixed.

Anurag, Pragya,Anubhuti and Yuvraj got together to discuss their situation. They were not happy with their parent’s decision and needed time to think.

They had  a heart to heart talk and were surprised to find that they were getting married to their opposite partner.

Anurag and Anubhuti had developed feelings for each other and so had Yuvraj and Pragya.

For a while they couldn’t say anything but laugh. They had been so naive as to figure out who they actually loved.

They clearer things between themselves.

The situation was this that in front of their families Anurag and Pragya were a couple and Yuvraj and Anubhuti were the other couple. In reality Anurag and Anubhuti had become a couple and Yuvraj and Pragya had become the other couple.

It was a mess.

They knew that they couldn’t possibly tell their parents about their situation as they will never approve because they were from different castes.

Love overcomes every barriers. Religion , cast and creed does not matter.

They had a master plan. They would request their families to conduct their marriage at the same day and venue as that of their friends.

After hours of pleading and begging their families agreed.
It was an amazing sight. Four families had come together to conduct the  marriage of their children.

The mandap was set. The pandit had began his chants. Everything was glorious.  The wedding was splendid.

The couples were looking beautiful as they took their vows around the sacred fire.

Soon after their wedding they had arranged to go on their honeymoon to Bali.

Four friends, now married bid goodbye to their families as they went inside the airport.

Out of the sight of their parents the brides uncovered their faces.

Their plan had been successful.  Anurag was now married to Anubhuti and Pragya was married to Yuvraj.

The four friends had slyly managed to decieve their families .

They had  a grand time in Bali.

Years later both the couples were blessed with children.

They mostly kept away from their families.  They had moved to the US and guarded their secrets well.

Everything is fair in love.

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