It’s a cool Sunday morning, and the clock kept ticking to reach the number 7. We have a certain mindset that we need more sleep on Sunday mornings. And so, we didn’t bother to get up and see who’s at the door. The bell rang a couple of times and we; precisely I and my brother were completely ignorant. With one eye open, pretending to be in deep sleep; I saw a superwoman going to the door and answering whosoever was so eager to spoil my dream. I doubted of whether anybody in the world could love sleeping like I did.

Maa, I prefer calling her Amma in my south Indian accent, the only mighty person in the entire home, who doesn’t sleep extra even on a Sunday, gives a little more of my favourite chocolate milkshake from her share saying she’s filled up , adds up one more variety of dish in the meal just because I don’t like one of the dishes made, wakes up in the midnight just to see if the main door is properly locked and sleeps with a thought of what would she make in the next morning breakfast.  This might go greatly matching with most of your superwoman in the house; no doubt they are born that way.

When I was at my home, I swear I was not at all a lazy girl. I used to help her in some little ways that I could, she hardly used to ask me for help.  Cutting the vegetables, putting off clothes to dry and sharing the cleaning part was all I was involved in. My brother kept complaining that I never do enough household work that a girl is named to do. I always made it unheard as my mom wasn’t troubled with me.

But, something that pulled my attention was that she never used to rest. Apart from the regular work of the house and kitchen, she used to get some leisure time in the day, but every time I saw, she used to gather some work around and spent that remaining time. She had some health issues though, which reminded of their presence in her once in a while. But, she never complained or made them a reason to interrupt her routine schedule. During my exams, she used to ask me for little help, but before I would do it, I used to find it done wondering why she called me unnecessarily. Never got the thought that it was because she couldn’t let my time get wasted in that work.

Now, I have to do my things in hostel all by my own. And, time made me realize how tough it was to handle four people together with all different needs from each one of us. Here, I cook by myself on certain days and she feels sorry for me doing it all alone.

Now, since I understand the responsibilities I am handling independently, certain questions started pondering around. Why this feeling of ‘doing alone is tough’, never touched my heart? She never showed a sign of being tired, or how heavy she felt with these responsibilities since years. Never talked about her children growing up could share her responsibilities at home. And she never demanded for a maid which she could’ve done to reduce her burden.

To be honest, I never made an effort to see her inner strength, always felt she’s fit and fine and that’s the reason of her multi- tasking abilities. But now, the passing time is visible on her face. They seem to be telling us loud that she has worked a lot all her life without a moment of sigh. Gradually, her body is reducing its physical support for her. She feels weak, but doesn’t still say it widely coz she feels we’d be troubled.  Now, when I read her weakness from her face, I realize my mom is not a servant of the house. We could have done a lot when she needed.

Why did we just let her do it all alone? Why didn’t we bother to look around and see her at the day end when she had little peace while sleep? We could give more peace to her to have enough of her strength.  ‘We could have‘ is always improperly chosen by many of us when we realize it in her old age. It should be ‘We would’ , and possibly turn to ‘we will’, and it should become a turning point for each one of us reading this. She is mom, but firstly a human with limited capacities and most importantly deserves equal time to relax and work.

Don’t let your mom’s eyes ever plead you for help, do it before she asks you for it! My mom is not a servant of the house, She’s a queen! Treat her one 🙂