When darkness want to hug you,

Do not welcome it by extending your hands

Instead reject it by saying i already got committed to Brightness..

At the times..we loose our knowledge which definitely lead to our dump..

Even then  say OK! by realising that we can see sun shine only after facing the night.

When cloud covers the sun, he stays calm without reacting on to it..

Because he knows it is just a passing cloud and it cant stop him from shining..


Seeing absence of lamp in a temple..

Do not walk away..

But do still remember lamps are even lightened by a human being in deed.


In the process of reaching your goal never look in to the emptied sky..

Know the fact when your brain with a million neurons is not in a position to solve your problem then what does an emptied sky can do.?

Except leading you in to depression.


Never and ever stop your fight in the process of reaching your goal..

Because there is a day of yours for sure! Where you can prove what you are .?

Let us never stop our fight until and unless we find ourselves worthfull..

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