Sometimes they look so pretty, sometimes people call them sin.

Sometimes they are beautiful, sometimes they make you cry.

Sometimes they throttle you with barely concealed glee with their moving tendrils-

You a mere fly in their calculated flytrap.

Sometimes they make you sigh in delirious pleasure-

Their luscious snare swathing you in spider silk till you gasp for breath,

And uncomprehending, stare at the blank black walls of the earthly hell created specially for you

Painted red with the hot thick red blood of your gouged eyes.

They stare at you with greedy eyes

As you moan ‘no’ with tears forming-

Sometimes you say ‘no’ and they let you go

Knowing all the while that you will cling to them

As a desperate resort from happiness

As you grope blindly in the daze they weave

Thumping a mad rhythm on the dance floor.

They stand leering

Leering as you sway

Drunk in them drunk in debauchery drunk in sweat and sin.

You grovel in the dirt and slime that oozes from their flesh

and stand dirtied by them and washed from the tears flung from your hollow eye sockets

Gazing drearily at the ceiling

Longing for a spider’s thread of salvation dangling from the sky,

Not knowing that there was always a ladder



Always’, they say

and you shake your head and say nevermore

‘You think you’re damned so will you be?’

I asked

You shook your head and said: