Like any-other years 2015 is also biding bye,

But have you ever thought that

Each passing year is taking some positivity with it

And some negativity, which was a total misfit.

But for some of us,

2015 was awesome

Because it gave us some major events

Which made our life blossom.

And for some us,

2015 was just like a nightmare,

Because it gave us events

Those were only to cry and scare.

And for rest,

2015 was a like the ‘khatta-meetha’ mixture

As we witnessed lots of different ventures.


Like every New Year,

We are planning our resolutions,

Which we know will be a big flop again

And all our hard-work in planning those resolutions will go in vain.

Better this time,

Let’s go with the flow,

Let’s enjoy both sunshine and rain.

No pre-plans,

Let’s drive 2016 like a crazy gear-less van,

With full risk of loss or gain.

Let’s enjoy 2016!!!

Don’t care whether you’re an adult or teen.

Just live your life

And this year take your craziest dive.

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