Hi, I’m a fatty. I am the younger one of our family but people reverse the thing just because I am fat and my sister is thin. In school, I remember days which etched an impact on me. The physical training classes, usually went bad for me because I was the least preferred one while selecting a team for any sport. I hardly found a hand to hold on to as my support when I am in need of it. My friends usually confessed a negative opinion when they were asked to share their first impression about me. Even a kid of 3 years old rejects to come to me or play with me. It’s all because of the prejudice we perceive from the family and surroundings. It hurts when people point a finger and crack jokes at me. It’s much more than physical suffering, but a mental one. People are prejudiced in favor of a good looking person to a bad one. Social scientists believe that children begin to acquire prejudice as toddlers. Many studies have shown that as early as age 3, children pick the terms of prejudice.

A person, when asked to get married, frames his/her spouse which may be in terms of caste, color, and many things. Prejudice does not find its way with just this word ‘obese’, it can be against sex, nationality, race, caste, religion, color. The veritable identity of a person is neglected. We are not even making an attempt to think of the alternatives that matter in a relationship other than looks. Physical characteristics undermine the attainments in merits even in fields where looks have no obvious relations. Hidden bias also shows a discriminatory behavior responsible for emotional learning when shown black faces and when shown white faces.

It brings down my confidence when people give absurd expressions looking at my bulky body. It’s just so unwise. Obese people too have dreams and the desires. They want to be loved which is certainly not reciprocative in this materialistic world. Chubby ones are not offered jobs like Receptionist, and Retail-Seller businesses are with the opinion that attractive personality is the key to success. A mother gets worried about the marriage of her fat daughter. People are in search of a beautiful life partner instead of one with good character. It shows that we are well concerned about biological needs rather than social ones. Society induces a feeling of inability which in fact brings down a person’s confidence and actually makes one disabled.

A Man is deprived of his ability to think and understand a particular situation. Bringing up your observation and power of imagination can reverse the present situation. We must educate ourselves and recognize the true nature of people. Schools shall introduce separate programs to make children aware of such discrimination and take due care of their behavior, at least within the school premises. Developing a sense of empathy can help us to handle the situation. Let us put an end to prejudice – A sign of stupidity.

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