There is a love of the world, wherein you want to achieve something, that is not love. And then, there is a love, wherein you want to sacrifice everything. That is love. Like where you put the beloved above you.

However, when we decrease our expectations and increase the acceptance and intelligence, we tend to love more deeply and purely.

After that, we understand that there are two things in our life –

  1. First is – We can do something; hence we started acting. Acts of Love, Kindness, Passion etc.
  2. Second is – That here we cannot do anything, hence, we started accepting.

By these two understandings, we develop a certain kind of faith within ourselves. That faith is not hollow but, deep.

World gives definition of faith as something religious or holy. Like if I am a theist, only then there will be happiness in my life.

It’s just depicting the God as being biased, like only the one who is a Theist will be happy and the Atheist one will die.

But it’s not true. GOD is unbiased.

Faith means the belief. Belief we have which couldn’t be trashed according to the situations or crisis.

It will increase our understanding of Love and Relationships. We will start imitating ourselves in their places to understand their situations.

We will get to know that, for the reason which I am in tension with my beau, if I was in the same situation as he/she was in, I’ll be the same, I’ll be reacting the same.

The day when we develop this understanding, we’ll accept the person as he/she is and the person will automatically change.

Love is Acceptance.  Love and Compassion are nothing but Oneness.

Whenever you get attached to someone – say like a mother and her child, they are one!
So does the mother have to love her child?


But, because she knows that the child is her part only. It automatically happens.

Love is just a word; it is Oneness which keeps us together.

Love is pure; feelings are in mixture.

Everything perishes but the LOVE is eternal.