The heat this summer is a thing which is worrying all of us and this is obviously a situation to worry as the temperatures are rising as never before and at some places crossing the limit as in April the temperatures in Chennai were around 40 degrees and in Dubai- a desert, they were around 27 degrees. Some of us don’t even care about the loss of lives because of heat waves or water shortages and most of those who do care are busy blaming others for the havoc caused because of this soaring temperatures.

Our responsibility would be in the first place to take a good care of ourselves, whenever going out try to cover our body, consume healthier and lighter food, and drink a lot of water and stay healthy this could be amongst the things which we do for the betterment of ourselves and our loved ones.

But we live in a social arena where some empathy would lower the hardships of those who are actually in need. We need to consider the lives of the ones who are dependent on us yet our existence is impossible without them.

The three aspects where we can contribute

  • People who are facing shortage of water and are facing a very dreary situation for their daily water needs, there are people who walk miles and miles to get water, we here about the instances where people get into altercations over water and end up in loosing lives, heatwaves are taking the lives of many people.

What can we do?

Save water, as much as possible and by doing this we will be helping the ones who are facing a tough water shortage.

  • We might try out various solutions to get respite from this prevailing heat but the ultimate solution on which we can lay our hopes are the trees, and this summer their condition is fatal.

What can we do?

Planting new trees is the next step, there are numerous trees which are struggling to survive and the very first thing we can do is to let them survive; if we are lucky enough to have enough water we can shed a few drops for the trees.

  • We often tend to forget about the true nature of our existence and end up thinking about being the superior species on this planet. But our actual existence is possible and easy because of the other species like birds and animals which help in maintaining ecology. But the other species could also find it difficult to survive.

What can we do?

A simple thing to do especially for the birds, (because animals might not find much difficulty in finding water); would be to place a bowl filled with water on the terrace or balcony or anywhere it could be easily accessible to the birds and if possible any favored spot for the animals too.

The above aspects are simple but if actually attempted would bring oodles of changes. This soaring temperatures are a collective problem and we need to solve it collectively and after all the true nature of every individuals existence is about the very concept of coexistence where we share the joys of life and try to lower the burdens of others around us without expecting for any returns.

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