Nowadays our habits are changing every day, earlier we shopped for any item separately, but today we shop at supermarkets where each and every thing is available at one place, a new tradition of online shopping is also seen arriving which is more distinct then other means of shopping. But oodles of us still believe in physically buying things.

And if we live in a city which most of the people in India do then we are very well versed with the supermarket culture. It’s brilliantly simple to shop in supermarkets. They offer multiple choices and enrich our experience. It’s probably impossible to forget to buy anything, because of the manner in which everything is managed there.

I often run out of time when in a supermarket, and usually end up buying more than necessary. It is kind of addictive and if we see things arranged flawlessly it’s difficult to resist our desires, and keep on adding more and more things to our cart.

Shopping can also be viewed as a reason or opportunity maybe to grab some family time, if done with family, obviously; and considering the way we are always busy with our own lives leaving no room for daily quality time with our near and dear ones.

But to be practical supermarket culture does not completely suit our country. Our population is more compared to our landmass area, and this aspect is furiously affecting small scale shops, they view supermarkets as their business eaters.

Modernization is necessary but not at the cost of the small businesses.

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