Well, love does make you look at your partner differently and suddenly he/she becomes the perfect one against whom all others are seen useless. But what if your partner is Singer or a writer or even a musician or a painter? You got to admit that talented partners make you feel so proud all the time.

1. Everyone is drawn to them and so you get the limelight as well.

I mean imagine in a group of friends, as soon as you introduce your partner as a Singer or a writer, you can hear the echoes of “wow” , “oh my God”, “really!” It seems there talent just draws people, making them appear so much more eligible to be the perfect one.

2. You never feel out of love because they are constantly pouring in more and more…

Whenever you are angry or sad, these creative minds always have a way out to pull you from sulking and make you smile. Be it a small text or a handwritten note or a song that makes you forget all the worries. There are just so many ways to pour in more love and affection.

3. You literally get immortality.

They write about you in their deep, immortal words and construct the lyrics of their tracks around you and somehow that stays there till eternity. You stay the ever-present soul behind their work and that’s just Perfect. Who wouldn’t want to be that way, for example, Durjoy Dutta always names the female protagonist of his stories Avantika, who is his beloved?
How cute is that!

4. Jealous bees everywhere!

You are constantly told how lucky you are and how romantic your mate is. And it’s obvious to sense in those words, a tinge of jealously. I mean who wouldn’t want to date a person so creative and lovable.

5. You get to see life through their eyes.

Be it smoking up before composing or a song, or travelling to fairy tale getaways to compose a new story. You get to experience it all. You learn to say the right words and use the correct tenses and somehow your music taste improves from Taylor swift to say. Umm..  Beatles or Coldplay or Nirvana , and you may even know what is the Club 27!

In short being in love with an artist is beautiful, it’s magical and worth feeling lucky about. You cannot ignore the struggles that you might have to face together but artists have gorgeous souls and they help make the world a better place to live in.