We all love going to college for attending oops… Bunking Classes. Our attendances are always short , Professors don’t know if we even exist or not, most of the time is spent in either ‘Bird Watching’ or partying with the friends. Fun isn’t it!!!

But come the Semester Exams or those pesky Sessionals,all this Masti is gone and Reality strikes!!!! How the Hell are we gonna Pass???

You don’t have the notes, don’t know the Syllabus , Hell!!! You don’t even have the slightest idea of “Subject Konse Hain!”

That is when you turn to your friends and roommates for Help!!

And if you happen to have the Class topper as your #Roomie, You feel your “naiyya” to have almost got on the shore.

So,here are some of the Perks of Having the Class Topper as Your Roommate:-


1.) Need the Notes? Abra-ca-dabra…You Got’em!



No matter how fast or how vaguely your teacher speaks in your class, this guy(TOPPER) will always be scribbling down the notes . So no need of copy and pen just fricking PHOTOSTATE!!!

2.) Great Alarm Clock-Cum-Sleeping Pill !



Life is cruel, You got to wake up in the mornings, even if it is the Soul-Numbing winters of January or the Screeching heat of May. And what is more difficult than having to wake up (apart from studying,obviously!)

But again worry not, he is always awake at exact 6:00 AM and will surely wake you up with his morning chants of trigonometric formulas , ( tan two x is equal to two tan x divided by one minus tan square x , don’t tell me its wrong!). So don’t worry about missing the lectures because of sleep!

And he has to sleep exactly at 10’o clock, and the lights too have to go dead with him. So no more of your nocturnal vampire hunting…Just go to sleep buddy.

3.) Got in fight-Just tell them Who is Room-mate!



I know, I know he is not the Hulk or Captain America Of your College, well actually he might probably don’t even have a strand of Muscles in hand. But Admit it Guys, he is the only surviving chance that anyone got if they want to attain nirvana in the Exams.

Tu janta h mera baap…sorry Roommate kon h?”

So, you being his roommate will always be revered and feared by the mortals as gatekeeper for the answer of “Bhai pass kaise hona h?”

4.) Teacher’s , Student’s , Girl’s ……


As your Acquaintance is quite popular and talked about in the Old-Dusty Rooms of teachers’ . So whenever you are with him and meet any teacher, he would probably think of you as a hard-working-book-leeching person too. So, enjoy those extra brownie points in the Internal assessments. But yeah you gotta sacrifice the Girls with that…

So, to all those lazy-crazy pieces-of-shit in every hostel, a piece of advice – At Least Choose Your Roomies Right!!!!

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