These days I hardly meet Arjun…. Even though we meet we don’t get time to talk… We just smile as I am always busy with my assignments… My eyes always tells him ‘I want to talk to you but I am busy… can’t help, dear.’ I hope he understands that language of eyes.
Today after I came back to hostel and I opened my laptop for sending mails. I opened my FB account along with the Gmail account. While I was writing the mail. Suddenly message pops up in FB and I check it…. It is Arjun…. I had a big smile as soon as I saw the message. I opened it.
Arjun : Hi
Me: Hi
Arjun :Wassup?
Me: Nothing much… just writing mails… fb… listening songs… nd chatting with you….
Arjun : Multi -talented I must say ; )
I am just listening songs and fb mein chatting with you….
Me: Hmmm… nice… 🙂
Arjun : These days you seems to be busy…. No time to talk also???
Me: Nothing like that… Assignments fucked up my life… Just sent a mail for the same yaar…
Arjun : Hmm… that’s life yaar…
Me: Hmm… so done with dinner?
Arjun : Yup… nd u? ?
Me : Done…
So which is your favourite song? ?
Arjun : I prefer slow romantic genre.. what about you? ?
Me : Same here 🙂
(same same….1st match…yipiee…In back of my mind )
Arjun : Hi 5 on that
Me : Hi5
So what song are you listening to?
Arjun : Now?
Arjun : Parbo na…
Me : Bengali song??
Arjun : Yup… did you listen to it?
Me : I listened but I don’t have it…
Arjun : ohoo…
Me : That means you must have listened to bojhena too? ?
Arjun : No… heard a lot about it. .
Me : Listen to it… it’s awesome… I will send you… give me your number I will watsapp u. ..
Arjun : Sure… it’s 88********
Me : Mine it’s 94********
Ok… I am adding u…
I save the number immediately and send message in watsapp
Me : Hlo…. Shriya here…
Arjun : Yeah I saved your number….
Me : *song file*
Arjun : downloading it
Me : Nice dp…. looks handsome
Arjun : Thank you
Me : Wanna see how I saved your number?
Arjun : Yup
Me : screenshot of the chat
Arjun : hahaha…. Arjun Kabirdas…it’s funny
Me : lol
Arjun : don’t say lol…. I don’t like it. ..
Me : ok…. haha… fine? ?
Arjun : better. .. 🙂

Finally I got his number and we chatted… We kept on chatting and fell asleep while chatting only…. Next morning both of us started with a good morning message and smile…

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