It was almost the end of puja, we friends have planned to go out with Arjun and his other friends. To make sure if Arjun is coming I called up Arjun for the first time…. The phone rang and he picked up.

Me : Hello Arjun. Shriya here…
Arjun :  Yup…. say…
Me :  So you are coming right?
Arjun : Yup. I am on the way to hostel from my home town. What about you?
Me : Great. I’ll reach tomorrow by afternoon.
Arjun : Okay. So then day after tomorrow bang on to the water park.
Me : Yes… obviously…
Arjun : Arohi, if you don’t mind talk to you later… my battery is almost down… so will call you later.
Me : Yeah sure….
And I disconnected the call with a smile. Hope to have fun with you, Arjun.

Next day I come to hostel back by evening and Arjun had already reached  his hostel early in the morning on the same day.

As soon as I reach hostel and unpack my stuffs, my friends Swasti and Anna said that our plan with Arjun and his other friends got cancelled because they have certain assignment to submit. Me and my friends were really sad and angry at the same time as we were excited about the plan and came back from home early.
I immediately called up Arjun and he picked up the call.
Me : Hello Arjun. wassup?
Arjun : Nothing much. You reached?
Me : Yup. But I am really pissed off at you people. All of us are sad and disappointed with you people.
Arjun : Yaar… Assignments hain na….
Me : Pehle kar ke nahi rakh sakte the…. hum bohot gussa tum logo se…
Arjun : Yaar… Tum mujhe hi bs mat daanto… sab ko daanto….
Me : Do….
And he gave the call to all his friends and I said the same thing to all of them. They all said sorry to us. But I am really disappointed with Arjun and his other friends. But I can’t stay angry on Arjun for long. So on the next day I went with  angry and sad face though I was not. He again said sorry and I forgave him though I forgave him on the first time he said sorry on the phone.

After the cancellation of plan thing happened me and Arjun became more close to each other. We meet almost every day and play fool around in the college. We talk random stuffs too. We are now close friends.

After college gets over we are always playing fool or texting in Watsapp. Dosti aab gehri hone lagi… We laugh and make of each other. We are kind of very good friends now.
Today I was sitting in the computer lab and surfing net. Suddenly I feel ticklish around my neck as if someone tickled me and someone called my name. As soon as I turned, I didn’t find anyone. Then I saw Arjun running near the door and looking and smiling at me. I immediately switched off the computer and ran towards him. We were running as if we were kids. Later, finally we stopped and made faces at each other.
After that we back to hostel and texted each other on watsapp and were continuously laughing at the incident.
Now I feel that “Yes Arohi….you and Arjun are growing closer…at least you two are very close friends now….”
With a thought of it my day ended well….

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