One of the most influential leader, the ultimate orator, the sharp strategic, the ace hardworker celebrates his birthday today and turns 66 years old. We are talking about none other than our beloved Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He needs no introduction and descriptions, he has made a place in all our hearts long time back.

Let’s do something different today and instead of summerizing what all others do too, let me bring together some of the ‘not so known’ things about our PM:

1. His Singature: He stays rooted in our cultural heritage and till date signs in Hindi ONLY. You can see that in all formal as well as informal documents, it’s always in Hindi.

2. Education Qualifications: M.A. in Political Science from Gujrat University

3. Image Mmanagement and Public Relations Course: he had undertaken a three months course in the United States on the same.

4. Married/Not Married?: He had married Jashodaben Chimanlal during his teenage years, But this marriage never progressed as Modi soon left home for his political career.

5. Sanyasi Past: He aspired to become a sanyasi as a child and in his late teenage years he ventured on an unknown journey and travelled from one place to another.

6. NO Holiday Man: During his 13 year tenure as the Gujrat CM, he has not taken a single leave.

7. ‘Teetotaller’– No smotking, no driking, No non veg food!

8. SNS Fame: He is the most popular Indian politician on Facebook and 8th most popular among all Indian celebrity on Twitter.

9. Choosy Clothing: all his clothes are of one brand Jade Blue which is a Ahmedabad based textile company.

10. Poet: No, there is nothing that our PM cannot do. He loves writing poetry aswell.

We wish him a very Happy Birthday!!