There was a girl standing right in front of me.

Her hair were messed up and free

Playing along with the breeze.

Her cheeks were blushing pink

And my and her eyes were looking at each other without a blink.

Her lips were shining with a big smile

Which also lighted my lips in a broad smile.

My eyes were twinkling along with hers.

Her face was glowing along with mine,

Like me, her forehead was too marked with tension lines,

Which was the only black spot for both of us.

I felt that like me that same thing was putting her too in the fuss.

I tried to find out a solution for her,

I looked deep into her eyes

And found the solution was lying there.

I smiled at her,

She smiled at me.

We both found answer to our question,

Because we solved the big equation.

Suddenly I realised,

Both of us were the same,

Because that pretty lady was me

And I was looking at my reflection in the mirror.

Pretty Lady


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