PRISON – Must Read this from Heart

‘Prison’ as soon as we this word hit our hearing sensibility, we get scared, terrified, horrified and what not…. But did you have ever imagine about all our Indian women? They are always captivated in the prison of social discrimination and stereotypes. Since childhood, in the name of jewelleries they are bound by so many responsibilities, relations and rules. They shouted, they cried… but all their sounds remained unheard.

Some tried to flee out of this prison. Among those some were successful and some were not. Those remained unsuccessful, they were tortured even more and those got success, they are full of bruises all over because their success evolved through lots of struggles. These successful ones are today the change makers.

The jailers of these prisons are too harsh. Sometimes they come in form of religious preachers, sometimes in form of orthodox family members or community or social members. The authorities of these prisoners are often self acclaimed or just because of some so called traditional practices. In these prisons, death sentences can be given due to some petty reasons of love, friendship or even for just being girl.

So, did you ever think of these prisons??

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