People who have nothing but a great heart are the best kind of people.Money can surely make everyone rich but a kind heart makes a person beautiful.

Pratima devi, a poor lady with a rich heart. She lives in south delhi’s  saket. Pratima devi is a ragpicker. She used to pick garbage for her earnings. Pratima devi takes care of 400 stray dogs. She picks garbage for her earnings but she always feed these dogs. Sometimes she doesn’t have food for herself but she feeds them twice a day.

Pratima devi has a very big heart. She starts her day with these dogs. Despite her limited means she takes care of more than 400 stray dogs around her home. Pratima devi is god for these stray dogs. She takes care of all their medical expenditures, including vaccinations and accident treatments.

Pratima devi has three children but these dogs are more than her children. In this world where everyone is busy doing there own work. Pratima devi is doing something for these stray dogs.

People now-a-days are earning for themselves but she earns only to look after hundreds of dogs in the locality. These dogs also love pratima , she is like world for these dogs.

We should learn from Pratima devi. Money can’t buy happiness all the time. If you really want to be happy you have to find happiness in little things.

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