Rani Verma, “A source of inspiration and motivation to thousands of people who believe, life is tough and success is impossible”


Rani took birth in a poor family in a small village, Dallipur near Varanasi. She was leading a normal life but one day her life was shattered when she met with an accident and lost both the hands at the age of 9.  She not only lost her hands but she had lost her hope to live. She had never imagined how to live without hands, nobody does. She started living isolated from her friends and families and her life was heading towards unknown darkness.


At this stage her mother encouraged her to go to school and she also motivated Rani to write with her feet. Because of Rani’s determination and mother’s support, she started writing with her feet. Her mew hope was lightened in her dark life and she was happy. But life was not so easy for Rani. She lost her mother when she was in class tenth but this time she did not lose hope because she wanted to fulfil her mother’s dream.


She passed her tenth board exams with flying colours for which she received scholarships and certificates from various government authorities.

After passing twelfth standard, she obtained first class degree in Mechanical Engineering.


After it she was completely confused to choose the career path for her life. At this stage she came to “Made Easy Group” with her class mates. After listening her struggle story and seeing her sky touching ambitions, Mr. B Singh and Mrs. Jyoti Singh directors of “Made Easy” extended their full support to Rani Verma. And this was the turning point of her life.

She expressed her desire to qualify GATE and UPSC examinations to the Directors. Looking on her physical disability it was difficult to believe but they saw her dedication and commitment in her personality. After one year in her very first attempt, she qualifies the GATE examination that too with a good rank and secured her admission in IIT Mumbai.


Rani Verma joined Made Easy and taught a lesson to them that it is not the Physical disability but the mental disability which makes the sickness and it becomes the barriers in our success.

Many people do not dare to face challenges in their life, But the question is that if girl who comes from a rural background, who is economically weak, whose father is a farmer and having the physical disability; if she had done it, why not you?

I believe there is nothing which is impossible; there is nothing which can’t be done. I suggest keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the earth and proceed with a proper planning and guidance. It’s my belief, you will succeed.


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