Rape” when you hear this word, a worst feeling arises within each and everyone of us.
We all hear this word almost daily since it has become common as if we are saying “Hi!” to someone.
Open the newspaper and you will find one or the other article related to it.
It’s a disastrous trauma for the victims and for his/her family. Yes you heard it right. ‘His‘ because men do get raped but no one comes out to speak about those cases because the society is set up in that spectacle.
We may have had heard few cases of men getting raped but not at par as compared to the rape cases of women. Because as I said above, Society won’t accept it, because in the ancient times, the men were rapists and the women/girls were the rape victims.

What society needs to understand is that time has changed. Men also fall victim to sexual harassment and abuse. By saying this, I don’t mean to criticize any of the genders, but that’s true.
How many of you know about men being raped or have heard about it in any news?
For a female rape victim, it’s a tedious and troublesome procedure, where she has to go to the court, get medical check up done and report to the police station. The emotional trauma that they go through is worse and doesn’t help them in coming out of their agony. Now, imagine a man/boy going through all of these procedures. And if the victim is a homosexual, then he has to face the worst since our society doesn’t support LGBT. Yes, there are such people who just feel differently, and there is no harm in it. No religion talks against them, then why is the society not open to accepting them? It is not a disease, just a change in their sexual orientation and preferences. That’s all!! And it is not upto them to change it. So why don’t we take a chill pill?

Now let’s talk about the other category of rape victims. The other category, here, refers to the rape victims who are physically challenged. What if the victim is blind, dumb, deaf and so on.
Have you ever wondered how hard it is for them to fight their cases?Even if they have special laws but it’s still hard to bear the trauma. They don’t provoke anyone then why it is done to them, why do they have to suffer? And do you know that most of the rape cases that occur, happens within the family. From our childhood we are being told to stay away from strangers, don’t talk to them, but are we ever being told to stay away from our own family members? No, right? We are never told about it since no one could probably imagine that one can be raped by their own family members, because it involves trust and familiarity associated with the person. Apart from that, many rapes occur within the family.

Rarely is it spilled out in public because of the fear that it will bring shame to the family, which no family wants. Therefore, these cases are hardly taken to police or court since the family choose to resolve it within the family. Families do that so the society out there don’t judge them. But think once again, is the society which changes everyday more important to you, or your own self respect?

When we are talking about rape that occurs within the family, how can we forget about “Marital Rape“(Rape which occurs within the marriage). Many people don’t talk about it because it’s common. In India, marital rape isn’t a crime. In also includes other nations like China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

You may be wondering that why isn’t it a crime for a man to rape his wife? The government says it’s because of poverty, religious beliefs, social customs, mindset of the Indian society and the very ‘sanctity of marriage.’
There are only few women who do come out and fight against marital rape but till when? When the society is not even ready to accept it as a rape.

One can say that marriage is a licence to rape your own spouse. So if you want to rape someone then just get married. Wow! That’s easy.
The number of women sexually assaulted by their husbands is 40 times the number of women attacked by men they don’t know. Yet marital rape is legal. For people who are against marital rape for them there’s no such thing as rape in marriage. This is made by the Europeans. Why should we follow what they want to preach?

Priya Nand, group director of social and economic development at the ICRW (INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR RESEARCH ON WOMEN), had told a leading portal,
The reason men don’t want to criminalize marital rape is because they don’t want to give the women the power to say NO.
But can there be two yard sticks to define rape –

Rape of an unmarried women and that of a married women ?

Is it acceptable to discriminate a women just because she’s married to the man who raped her?

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