BLACK CLOUDS…. is govt a culprit or its a mutual dirty, pathetic and yuck game we all are playing.?

Blaming game is our fav sport after Cricket. And on a closer look you’ll realize that its a cycle, a viscous cycle, in which we all play a part. Let me walk you through it:

Lets start with the govt coz we LOVEE blaming it. Exact lines “Govt is not looking into the matter”. But in reality govt has set a whole array of rules/laws which we all follow seriously…(sorry for laughing).
Now govt says that police is not doing its job.
Police forward it to people. And in reality people do play a major role. They are really tolerant. Sorry Mr. Khan but they are really are. They are tolerant for everything they should not be.
And finally, people say Govt is at fault. Beautifool

Where the whole nation is talking about the Delhi pollution, Delhi government’s odd even

 formula, or the dirty politics on the same, there is a harsh reality in our society which no one is looking at. The government has very strict rules against the pollution creating vehicles. But do you really know that the police officials only check the pollution certificate and we folks are just bringing that certificates which is just a printing paper. No pollution checking machines on the centers but still we can get our certificate from there. I had conversation with the person doing the job over there. He was a guy of about age 18-20 Years. (The conversation was in Hindi and I am translating it in English as well)
ME: Bhai, Meri bike a pollution check krdo (Check the pollution of my bike)
HE: Bike ko Ulta krke lga do. (Invert your bIke)
(He took the photograph of bike no. from back and in couple of minutes he handed me the
pollution certificate)
ME: Bhai, check toh kiya ni. (You haven’t Checked my Bike)
HE: Koi jarurat nhi h. (There is no need)
ME: Aise thodi hota h, kha h tumhari machine? (How Can you do this? Where is your Machine )
HE: Bhaisahab, aise hi hota h.  Poore city main aapko khi ni milegi machine. Karwana h krwao nhi toh chalan Katwalo. (Brother, that’s what happen here. You will not find any machine in city. Either have it like this or pay the fine for no pollution certificate.)
That’s what the conversation was. This is really ridiculous the way so called “Pollution is being

controlled in our nation”. We have received one small article on this by Hindustan times (the image we have attached with this article). This  has not been concerned issue by any of the news channels or newspaper of our nation as they are only busy in political issues and really enjoy them.

So now straight to the point. STOP CRYING, STOP BLAMING, STOP being a disgrace to the country.

As per a famous saying “They’ll keep hitting you if you don’t fight back”. So, START fighting back. Start saying NO…. They say “essa he chalta hai”, say NO… They say “kya fark padta hai”, say NO…. They say “Hum nai krnge”, team up and make sure that vo sach mei kabhi nai krnge….

We here at 7tint urge you to be a better human first and start fighting for things which really matter rather then for poor issues like which god one prays.

So, spread it like a fire so that it should reach the government officials as soon as possible… The Harsh Reality of our so called “Pollution Certificates”.
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