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Overview :

These chickpea patties add variety and aren’t too hard to make (especially when using a mix). Serve inside pita bread or eat plain (with tahini sauce). Prep Time: 40 minutes

Ingredients to be used :

1 bottle oil
1 package falafel mix
1/2 cup tahini sauce
1 lemon (or lemon juice)
1 bag pita bread

Steps to cook this Recipe :

Follow directions on package to prepare the falafel patties  (recipe generally calls for soaking the dry mix in water for 30 min and then dropping the patties into hot oil)

Mix tahini sauce: 1/2 cup tahini sauce, 3 tbsp water, lemon juice to taste

Warm pitas and slice off tops to open pockets.

Enjoy patties inside pitas topped with tahini sauce


And your dish is ready to eat!

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