The sea was calm when we started our journey,

The mirthful waves kissing the shores;

The sun’s rays charming the soothing blue waters,

The soft murmur of waves on the oars.


Tightening the mast when wind was low

Loosened it down against the fiery gale;

Setting the rudder at a promising pace,

We surely knew how to sail.


Time stood still as we sailed

Moments cherished forever;

The sun’s last glowing rays

Fell over our shadowy figures.


Twilight drew on, as seagulls went back,

The waves lashing on the edges;

The sails feeling the ghastly winds,

Swaying the mast as she rages.


Night grew on as the sea enraged loud,

No more calm like when we began;

The waters, carrying over the deck,

The mast broken, rudders were also done.


The waves gulped us in its monstrous fangs,

Our journey ended in pain;

All left in the end were the remnants

Of the memories wrecked heaven.

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