Everyone around was busy buying roses of different colours.It was Rose Day.White for peace,
yellow for friendship, pink for crush, and red for love.

“Didi please buy one,” the little kid tried to convince her to buy a rose or roses, looking at her with those hopeful glittering eyes. She remained silent and looked back at the kid and couldn’t decide anything.

“Didi.. Give him all colored roses. He will not refuse,” the kid winked. She laughed and brushed her fingers over the kid’s hair.

“Okay, give me,” she settled and gave the kid money and also a pink colored rose for the vibe he spread all around.

“You are pretty too”, the kid winked again and added “Happy Rose day didi”, and ran to the next prospective customer.

She walked to her destination which was not that far while clutching the remaining three roses in both her hands. She could feel her heart break into pieces, yet she moved forward and reached her lover’s grave.

“For love, friendship and most importantly, the peace which we could never find in each other’s presence.  I miss you.”, she spoke and wiped away her tears again.

“With you, I also lost my best friend, who teased me and irritated me the most but loved the most.”

“And, I still love you.”, she placed those roses on his grave and ran out before she would broke down more.

Some people don’t get to celebrate rose days or such.
So, love as long as you can.
Love with all heart.
Love with madness…
Love with intensity.
Love with everything you have….

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