“Ann I think am gonna be pregnant”

” What the hell Amelia ! Are you kidding me? “

” No am serious “

” Who is the…….? “

” Its Sho… “

” Oh God! How? I mean you guys broke up 5 months back, didn’t you? “

” Ya we did… “

” Then? “

” Its just that we met as friends for old time sake, we hadn’t planned to do anything. “

” Ya right! “

” I slipped and he held me… our eyes met.. and then something sparked… his mouth came close to mine.. i exhaled sharply.. and he held himself back… and then i kissed him…!! “

” Wow! Tell me more 😉 “

” Well.. then we just kissed and kissed and he lifted me up and kinda threw me on the bed… “

” Oooh”

“Ya.. I unbuttoned his shirt and he took off my clothes… tore them actually..! “

” Oh my! “

” I am so tired Ann! I can’t breathe , I get these goosebumps whenever I think about it.. “

” I am not going to let you off the hook you girl! I need all the details!! “

” Ah! well as we were doing it after almost 5 months it was really passionate. I even have a lovebite or two. “

” Show me!… Whoa! That’s a sharp one.. You guys are animals..! “

” Haha tell me about it.. “

” Do you remember the night we went clubbing? You guys were all over the place! You just can’t keep your pants on can you?

“hihihi well we were drunk!”

“So what’s the scene now? Are you guys back together? “

” I don’t know we didn’t talk anything about getting back”

“Seriously! “

” Ya I mean we were busy with.. you know what.. “

” Then call him and ask.. “

” No way! I don’t want to look desperate “

” OMG”

“I feel like I just climbed everest! Phew! We were going on and on and on! “

“Lol! You could have atleast used protection “

” I told you already we hadn’t planned on doing anything of that sort.. it just happened.. “

” Ya right! His d*** “accidentally” landed in your v****a”

“…………………….. Awkward……………….. “

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